Image creation process – original photo to final outcome – location – Cote De Granite Rose







2015-03-21 12.33.51 2015-03-21 12.34.34 2015-03-21 12.43.30

Just messing about with an image taken in Cornwall. Printed as a CMYK, but only the cyan and magenta layers contain any information – so its just two layers.

The middle image is how it should look, in the bottom image the magenta layer has been printed upside down, they seem to still blend together and actually works better this way!

MHL320 glitch two TOXIC alt surveillance Ukraine-glitched-a45-s82-i7-q50 _DSC0621_2

Some test images that were successful.

1) Interleaving/non-interleaving run through wordpad

2) Mainly just messing about with layers in photoshop after editing in Wordpad –

3) RAW file opened in text editor – then altered. Can be tricky to keep the image stable, so it can be opened again.

4) Opening the image (JPEG) with a text editor, and then altering the code, deleting, rearranging sections.