Gallery visits

2013-07-14 16.56.57 2013-07-14 16.56.32 2013-07-14 16.49.35 2013-07-14 16.49.18Lots of people told me good things about this exhibition, not sure I was overly impressed…

Only a few interesting pieces of work, as seen in the photographs above. I dont think having ‘Paper’ as a theme really works as the show didnt really flow/ didnt seem that well curated.

Also for the amount of space in the gallery not really a lot of works on show, which is disappointing as its such a great space.


ellen_gallagher_murmur_0Murmur 2003–4 (Monster)

DeLuxe 2004-5 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965DeLuxe 2004-5
60 works on paper, etching, screenprint, lithograph with plasticine, velvet, toy eyeballs and coconut oil

Bird in Hand 2006 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965Bird in Hand 2006
Oil, ink, paper, polymer, salt, gold leaf on canvas
support: 2383 x 3072 mm

Not really my sort of thing, but still an impressive and vast collection of works.

I couldn’t really relate to anything, and have never actually heard of this artist before. I think having some prior background knowledge of her work before seeing this exhibition would have been advisable.

The video/film projection pictured above was one of the few pieces I felt i could actually engage with, but other than that everything stretched over  such a broad range of materials and techniques that I couldn’t really get ‘into’ the exhibition.

IMG_2081Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see this exhibition myself my friend Kat in New York very kindly documented it for me and sent me these images.

All images are part of Almonds ‘Hemispheres and Continents’ series where the camera is set up at night using moon light and long expose times to capture the image.

Looks like an amazing exhibition with some great photography.

IMG_20130224_144245 Pedro Cabrita Reis – Unframed #3 (2008)

Aluminium, glass, rubber, wood, fluorescent lights, electric cable & plastic (2630 x 4225 x 170 mm)

IMG_20130224_144256Randomly came across this exhibition/Installation by Pedros Cabrita Reis while visiting the Tate Modern one afternoon. Reis’s work also deals with memory of place and at the same time themes of architecture.

This work gave me the idea to use a light box with a Lithographic print mounted on it, too be shown in darken room, hopefully the paper wouldnt be to thick for the light to penatrate, would need to experiment.