I’m finding it quite repetitive just constantly making editions of an image, and all I have at the end is this pile of paper. It doesn’t hold enough substance if that’s the correct word? My only options are then for displaying the work are either framing or clipping to the wall….

Need to try different surfaces to print onto, or maybe not be so meticulous and waste to much time over making one series/image. Each image doesnt need to be so precious I guess?

I want more of an installation based outcome, but always end up with the same thing every time.

Something to think about over xmas….


Debris BLACKBlack Acetate for etching onto the steel – 60 x 60 cm

Because the steel plate is so large this complicates thing for the etching/acid bath. Basically its to big to fit in the normal baths so has to go into a special bath with weaker acid, which will take maybe 8+ hours to etch! or I can do it at home!! 😉