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tumblr_mr56iu0EZ61qe31lco1_r1_1280Alessandro Piangiamore – Untitled (2010) – Coral and postcard on pedestal

Again so simple but really works


2013-08-06 15.08.42 2013-08-06 15.08.51 2013-08-06 15.08.59Final Litho print kind of finished? Wasn’t that successful to be honest.

It was only a three colour print CYAN, MAGENTA and a small amount of yellow, plates kept fucking up and couldn’t get a perfect print. As it was only 2/3 colours any mistakes showed up very visibly in the finished print. Had to remake two of the plates as they didn’t expose properly and even then the plate wasn’t that good for printing…

I don’t think its good enough to use for the final show, so will have to rethink slightly what I am showing as this was going to be one of my main pieces, possibly placed next to the projection I’m going to be showing, and don’t have time to print something completely new :/

tumblr_mpif5ddGkP1qe31lco1_1280 tumblr_mpif5ddGkP1qe31lco2_1280(Dont know the title)

Amazing photo by Anna Paola Guerra Brazilian artist. With the split down the middle of the image it works really well, but I think I am more interested in the frame. Deep box frame, could almost be a lightbox. Initially I thought the far left of the frame had just white space and the image finished before reaching the edge, so you would be able to see into the box frame and behind the print where they could be another image mounted at the back of the frame….ahh but its just a reflection…