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Ideas and possibilities for final show?

Projecting on Lithographic plates – with image exposed on surface of plate, plate can then be inked in any colour.

Slide projector/carousel showing images from project – Showing the same image over and over.

Using projector to separate CMYK colours on top of printed image – projecting black onto CMY image – might be too difficult to line up precisely.




tumblr_mgfsykWvAE1rwadubo1_1280 tumblr_mgfsykWvAE1rwadubo2_r2_1280

Green/Blue Horizontal (2005) – Video/Computer installation

Glasgow School of Art Graduate, this was her final degree show piece. Over 60 recycled but still working computers set up in this installation to display different hues of green and blue fading from top to bottom. She has work with this installation in a few different configrations, see –

Would be interesting to have the monitor each displaying part of a image, basically like a giant TV but more fragmented like in the image.

_DSC0152 _DSC0156 _DSC0163Projecting still image onto the back of an old Litho plate. Was reasonably successful, seems to depend on the type on image being projected. Blues dont show up that well, due to reflections or the bulb on the surface.

You can never see the whole image at once due to interference from other light sources, mainly the bulb of the projector its self, this is kind of good though, you have to move round the plate to see the whole image.

Perhaps on a cleaner and larger plate without sunlight directly behind this would work better?