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Joint exhibition with ex-printmaking students and Fine art students, held at the Peltz room Gallery, part of Birkbeck university. Photos to be added soon….921580_10151622977006337_1948643363_o



Visitation I  (1965)

Lithographic print by Rauschenberg, this is one of those images you look at and think I wish I had done that. Sometimes it gets fucking repetitive making litho print like mine and I want to do something that requires a little less precision and doesnt matter if you make a mistake. The outcome isnt predetermined.

ellen_gallagher_murmur_0Murmur 2003–4 (Monster)

DeLuxe 2004-5 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965DeLuxe 2004-5
60 works on paper, etching, screenprint, lithograph with plasticine, velvet, toy eyeballs and coconut oil

Bird in Hand 2006 by Ellen Gallagher born 1965Bird in Hand 2006
Oil, ink, paper, polymer, salt, gold leaf on canvas
support: 2383 x 3072 mm

Not really my sort of thing, but still an impressive and vast collection of works.

I couldn’t really relate to anything, and have never actually heard of this artist before. I think having some prior background knowledge of her work before seeing this exhibition would have been advisable.

The video/film projection pictured above was one of the few pieces I felt i could actually engage with, but other than that everything stretched over  such a broad range of materials and techniques that I couldn’t really get ‘into’ the exhibition.