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MA Printmaking symposium presentation text

Slide 1 – Title
Introduction – Name
Slide 2 – Stalker with projection
So I’m not sure I would call myself a ‘printmaker’ at the moment as my current practise has finally started to move away from what I would call a traditional approach.
This work was made very near the start of the course, combining print and image projection, and I never really took the idea any further until this year. This particular work was influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky 1979 film ‘Stalker’
Slide 3 – Richard Long
This is all part of a project called – ‘Documentation of Journey as Portrait’ and I’d been looking at Richard Long as I felt he was using self-portrait in a similar non-direct way, documenting and capturing his activities
Slide 4 – Ruins double CMYK print
I have been trying to do the same though Printmaking and spent a long time solely making Offset litho prints and not really getting it to do what I wanted – create an immersive experience for viewer, so they could see what I did – I was limited in terms of speed, scale cost.
Slide 5 – Island digital print
I moved to Digital printing – With this I was able to work faster, and on a bigger scale. My project was looking at two places, these being Scotland and Cornwall.
Slide 6 – Darren Almond Mountain print
Looking at Darren Almond for similar visual style and the technical aspect of his photographs, using long moonlit exposures
Slide 7 – Darren Almond Split image
And again
Slide 8 –Quarry digital print
While photographing these sites I was also documenting them with video which I wanted to use in combination with the printed image
Slide 9 – Video – Float/print projection
I wanted to start using video as it allowed more of a narrative to form in the work and different relationship between the other still and moving images.
Slide 10 – In Limbo video & print
Another important aspect that video added is time, and I have been using thee long fixed shots I think taking earlier influence from Tarkovsky filming of certain scenes.
Slide 11 – Trevor Paglan
I’ve also been looking at American Photographer Trevor Paglan…
Slide 12 – Trevor Paglan
…due to the documentational nature of his work, and again the technical expertise of his photography.
Slide 13 – Not lost yet – Projection and print
I’m now concerned that I have moved to far from print or that what I am doing isn’t technical enough compared to the CMYK litho prints I was doing before, so have been looking for ways in which to reincorporate this into what I’m currently doing and have been printing onto different surfaces and…
Slide 14 – Projection onto Litho plate
…projecting onto Lithographic plates