Monthly Archives: March 2013

IMG_2081Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see this exhibition myself my friend Kat in New York very kindly documented it for me and sent me these images.

All images are part of Almonds ‘Hemispheres and Continents’ series where the camera is set up at night using moon light and long expose times to capture the image.

Looks like an amazing exhibition with some great photography.

A Line Made by Walking 1967 by Richard Long born 1945Part of my essay was written on Richard Long, specifically his ‘walking works’. This ‘A Line Made By Walking’ is his first walking work from 1967.

In my essay I was looking at self portrait relating closely to self-narrative of geographical and psychological location/state, and site specific based work to help answer the question of whether my work is actually ‘portrait’ or more closely linked to documentational photography.