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IMG_20130224_144325 IMG_20130224_144234

Pedro Cabrita Reis–  The Unnamed Word #1 (2005)
2 metal scaffold towers, 62 florescent lights, painted glass, painted wood and electrical cable
(2495 x 4340 x 1810 mm)

IMG_20130224_144245 Pedro Cabrita Reis – Unframed #3 (2008)

Aluminium, glass, rubber, wood, fluorescent lights, electric cable & plastic (2630 x 4225 x 170 mm)

IMG_20130224_144256Randomly came across this exhibition/Installation by Pedros Cabrita Reis while visiting the Tate Modern one afternoon. Reis’s work also deals with memory of place and at the same time themes of architecture.

This work gave me the idea to use a light box with a Lithographic print mounted on it, too be shown in darken room, hopefully the paper wouldnt be to thick for the light to penatrate, would need to experiment.