Monthly Archives: January 2012

AF imageScreenprint by Angus Fairhurst from 1992 – This again is a self-portrait print

Fairhurst has commented: ‘I wanted to play on the mis-alignment of the hard form and the notion of feeling, both physical and emotional, which is something you cannot be so sure about’ (quoted in Contemporary British Art in Print 1995)


RR boosterRauschenberg’s ‘Booster’ image from 1967 – at the time of its creation Booster stood as the largest and most technically sophisticated print ever produced

This image influenced the start of my ‘self-portrait’ project as this is also a self-portrait, obviously not in the traditional sense which is what drew me to it in the first place.┬áThe X-ray used in the image is of Rauschenberg him self and is printed ‘life-size’ measuring 183 x 89 cm – and is also a Lithographic print combined with screenprint – This print is made me want to try Litho printing in the first place.

If you’re looking for further up to date info on Rauschenberg’s work then check on here –